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This is a page of links that supplement the primary information to be found in

 Veronica's Second Book: Anarchy Is More Than Just a Seven-Letter Word

This is a page of links that supplement the primary information to be found in
Veronica's Book: Freedom Is More Than Just a Seven-Letter Word

List of convicted Policymen (and women ... and Public Servants) VERSION 41 (October 2021)  (PDF)

Veronica's E-Mail List from 15th February, 2013 ... 19th April, 2014 (indexed) (aka "Me Shyte")

Basic Primer Booklet for Lawful Rebellion (Help File, version: 22nd March 2013) (HTML Version 22nd March 2103)

Finally, I have it 'nailed'

Final Package comprising Writ of Mandamus & Letter to David Cameron and George Osborne

Statement of Offence of Administering an Unlawful Oath

Mortgages ... UNLAWFUL we knew ... but also ILLEGAL!

The Man .vs. the Legal Fiction

"Anti-Bailiff Device": Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access

Parking Fines (etc. Fixed Penalty Notices)

Notarising & Notary Publics

Void Orders

The Ghosh Test for Honesty

What I would do if taken to Magistrates Court or County Court (you do what YOU would do!)

How to take out a Private Prosecution for criminal actions taken against you

"Jury Nullification": A Jury can annul ANY Statutory provision, just by returning a Verdict that is contrary to the Statute (This has happened many times in the past. All it takes is a Jury Trial and the right, Common Sense, explained to the Jury)

Grand Juries - What you need to know

There is no need for "debt" ... there is no need for "Interest payable" ... and there is a historical precedent for it

Whenever you get a "demand" ... for crying out loud SEND A PROMISSORY NOTE! (Make sure you refer them to the Bills of Exchange Act 1882. When they write back recommending "That you should take Legal advice", tell them to "Get some Legal advice from the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, and that you recommend they get some LAWFUL advice"! If they refuse your Promissory Note, then the alleged 'debt' is extinguished! [If someone refuses to take your money, then there cannot be anything owing ...  is the principle])

Report of Judge Peake's arrest in Birkenhead, March 2011

Reports from Hereford

"Contempt of Court" ... what it is ... and what it is NOT!

DebtBust Package


Law: Extracts from the Magna Carta 1215

Legal: Halsbury's Laws of England and "White Book/Civil Procedure Rules"

"Legal" is the EXACT INVERSE of "Law" ... and here's why

Common Law Commercial Liens explained

YOUR RIGHT to Remain Silent ... and how you can use it ...

Bailiffs/Debt Collectors/TV Licencing/Policymen: Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access

A dose of 'reality' ... insofar as what words actually mean

Misconduct in Public Office (applies to most of them)

Veronica's pick of pix:

Source of PowerDangerous SignDevolution of ParliamentConfidence