But ... how?

Chapter Version 1.2 [24MAR2013]

In a previous Chapters I've said that the solution was to represent yourself, thereby 'saving yourself', and not to expect someone else to do it for you.

Which, of course, is all very well to say - but what does that mean, in practice?

It means:






... "What gives you the right to demand that?"

... and the best one of all: "Do we have a lawfully binding Contract? Such that I have agreed an OBLIGATION TO ACCEED to your demands? Would you please show me your copy?"

... followed by: "Am I your SLAVE, then? When and how did that happen? Please be specific, you see, to the best of my recollection YOU are a PUBLIC SERVANT, and I - as a Member of the Public - am therefore your MASTER/MISTRESS. This would make you MY SERVANT, would it not? If the MASTER takes orders from the SERVANT, the tail is wagging the dog".

It means NEVER LOSING SIGHT of the fact that you are EQUAL TO THEM IN ALL RESPECTS, AS HUMAN BEINGS (and in Law, of course, "Everyone is equal, under the Law").

Itís very, very, simple.

As Human Beings, they are your EQUAL.

But they choose, within their professions, to 'take on a Role' (just as if they are acting in a play).

That Role grants them some 'authority to act on behalf of everyone' ... BUT THE ROLE ALWAYS COMES WITH SERIOUS LIMITATIONS!

This is recognised by what they are, generally, called i.e. Public Servants. For example, acting Policemen are referred to as "Serving Officers".

"Servant", "serving" ... it's all the same thing. It's THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD in the description, BUT IT'S ALWAYS GLOSSED OVER, AND IGNORED.

Well, STOP IGNORING IT! Stop ignoring that word. Use it. Use it as frequently as you can.

In their 'Social Time' i.e. when 'off duty', they are your EQUALS as Human Beings.

In their 'Duty Time' i.e. while 'on duty', ''acting their Roles', they are BELOW YOU, they are YOUR SERVANTS.

It is crucial to get your Mindset straight in that respect. Your Mindset doesn't need to change. Their Mindset needs to change between 'Social Time' and 'Duty Time'. But, that's the profession they chose for themselves. If they wish to 'grab a bit of authority', then that's downside of their 'authority grab'.

In order to 'grab that authority', they ALL have to take some form of Oath of Service (Note: That word "service" creeps in, yet again!)

Obviously, having taken that Oath (which is supposed to be ingrained into their Souls), they then immediately forget all about it, in their desperate grab for power (aka 'to be able to fling their weight about').

They won't like being reminded, so it's best to remind them as politely as you can.

Another trick, discovered by a friend of mine, when being interviewed by a Policeman, was to ask - RIGHT AT THE START, BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE IS SAID: "Do you know about Magna Carta 45?". (He's had some wonderful replies, for example: "Is that a ship?").

Here is the Magna Carta 1215, Article 45:

"We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or other officials, only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well".

And, when they say, "I'd not heard of that", you can say "Well, if you didn't even know there was a Law that said you must know the Law, we don't even have a starting point for any conversation, do we?"

One final point, in relation to Police. If they arrest you, for any reason (trumped up?), they will tell you to 'make a Statement'. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A STATEMENT. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. In point of fact, they will even tell you that, when they say: "You are not obliged to say anything ... but ... etc".

But they will insist. So, remembering who you are, what you are, what they are, etc., the conversation should go something like:

"Have you arrested me?" ... the answer will be "Yes".
"Have you cautioned me?" ... the answer will be "Yes".
"Have you charged me?" ... the answer will be "Yes" or "Not at the moment".

However, whatever they say, your answer should be "Well, you've done all you can. That's your job. It's NOT your job to interview me in a Pre-Trial-Trial. I'll say anything I need to say to the Jury. Now, since you've completed your job, am I free to go, or are you detaining me? And, if so, for what reason?".

ANYTHING they say from then onwards should responded with: "No comment".

The reason for this is simple. WHATEVER YOU SAY, in any Statement you may make, WILL BE TWISTED to CONDEMN YOU. You will 'hang yourself' at this stage. They are past masters at twisting your words.

The most fatal mistake everyone makes is to know that they are innocent, and to believe that - if they can get enough points across - to the Policeman - then that can sort the matter out. That attitude is a FATAL MISTAKE.

Do not sign anything. Do not even give them your signature. PRINT "PEACEFUL INHABITANT" on what they are offering you to sign, otherwise just stick (like glue) to: "I'm not signing anything".

["In that case we'll have to put you back in the cell, until you change your mind"
"OK, do that then. I'll just be taking up one of your cells, how many have you got, such that you can afford to waste your spaces?"

Give them 10 minutes and they'll kick you out. You called their bluff, and they will know it. Demand your personal effects back, without giving them your signature. Say: "You took them without my signature, you can give them back without my signature"]

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. That applies to ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Even to the completion of Official Forms you may receive, from time to time. Send the form back, and say you have THE INDEFEASIBLE, NATURAL, HUMAN RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. PRINT "PEACEFUL INHABITANT" as the 'signature on the letter'. DO NOT MAKE ANY KIND OF WET-INK SIGNATURE! Given them ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, BUT SILENCE! Let them 'assume' what they like. 'Assumptions' are not FACTS.

Always push everything towards a Jury Trial, on the basis that you will be quite happy to explain anything and everything to a Jury of your Peers.

A Jury, sitting in a Jury Box is - in point of fact - engaging in the Role play of 'Juror'. BUT THEY WON'T KNOW THAT. They will see themselves, like yourself, as just another Human Being.

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