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The Writ, Letter and Signatories (only)

Updated: 23rd January, 2013 Answering a few questions & queries

It has been proposed that we send the letter, quoted below, from at least 50 people. The idea is to send it to Cameron & Osborne, and also to everyone else ... i.e. Chief Constables, MPs, Media, even Women's Institutes, etc.

It's been worked on since before Christmas 2012, to come up with the text, which - those who have been involved - have now agreed upon.

It is to be seen as an 'issuance' from the UK Column, and Brian Gerrish is highly likely to be one of the signatories, as will be Justin (the main author) & myself. Obviously it is based on Justin's research, which can be viewed as a free eBook here.

So ... let me know if you want your name to be added. LET ME KNOW ASAP, please, since we are anxious to get this ball rolling.

We'll be adding the names in the Common Law format i.e. "Veronica: of the Chapman family, as commonly called" (for example).

Contact Veronica via her Given Name and website ... in order to be added to the list of senders.

To the Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, and the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer.  
We are writing to you not as our political leaders but as our elected servants in government who are duty bound by oath of office to uphold the Law of the Land as inserted into Magna Carta 1215 and to protect our ancient sovereignty from foreign intrusion.
Please also understand that this is not a polite request - this is a lawful demand to bring to an immediate end Her Majesty's Government's involvement with the unlawful debt-creating banking system that is currently endangering the future well-being, happiness and sovereignty of the British nation.
What follows are historical and provable facts. Failure by yourselves to immediately carry out this lawful demand and to redress our legitimate grievance will leave you both vulnerable to lawful arrest by the British people on the charge of treason.
Detailed research has now exposed that unlawful activities are being undertaken by Her Majesty's Government at the behest of a corrupt and fraudulent international banking cartel.
Led by the world's elite banking families, this unlawful cabal operates through a shadowy network of high level and secretive 'think tanks' (including the Bilderberg Group which you are both very familiar with) as well as quasi international conferences where unashamed globalist agenda are displayed in such a way by a compliant mainstream media as to gain public acceptance by hiding the real truth.
One such long term criminal agendum is the eventual creation of a European Union superstate by the use of stealth, deception and massive unlawful debt. To succeed here must result in the obvious demise of the United Kingdom as a sovereign nation and any involvement by British politicians with such an agendum has to be seen, under our ancient and tested Common Law, as a clear case of treason.
But the real treason currently being carried out on the British people by Her Majesty's Government involves the nation's money supply.  The crippling debt burden that is currently shaping the fiscal policies and strategies of our nation has been arrived at by unlawful means.  The so-called 'Deficit' and 'National Debt', which are causing increasing misery for law abiding families and businesses, not to mention putting at risk our nation's defences, only exist as a direct result of allowing the private banks to be involved in our nation's money supply.
As you both know only too well, the private banking corporations, with the gold standard no longer applicable, create money completely out of thin air - just numbers on a computer screen, using so-called ‘fractional reserve lending’.  Once this ‘nothingness’ has been transferred over to Her Majesty’s Treasury, we, the poor taxpayers, have to pay real and earned money to meet the repayments not to mention the interest on this ‘nothingness’.  It is also a simple fact that the private banks create absolutely nothing to cover the interest demanded thus adding to the nation's ever-increasing debt burden – it becomes a simple case of robbing ‘Peter’ to pay ‘Paul’.   This has to be viewed not as clever economics but as a clear case of fraud under Common Law.
The increasing austerity measures being undertaken by Her Majesty's Government, along with the highly invasive and complex taxation system needed to raise ‘real’ money to pay back the bankers’ ‘nothingness’, is creating a country that is now becoming increasingly subservient to debt and fear.  However, there is one simple action that you can both take that will reverse our nation's financial misfortunes overnight.......and there are two historical precedents to prove it can be done!
From reliable inside sources, we now know the full truth about money supply.  ‘Money' is simply a convenient unit of exchange for goods and services that people have complete confidence in.  Contrary to what the private bankers and the Bank of England (and its controller, the Bank for International Settlements) would have you believe, any sovereign nation has the lawful and moral right to issue through its treasury its own debt-free and interest-free money based on nothing more than the wealth, integrity and potential of that nation.  Private debt-creating banking and central banks have absolutely no place in the lawful creation and issuance of a country's money supply.
This being the case, we now wish to draw to your attention these two historical precedents which give absolute credence to this fiscal principle of national credit.  In other words, there is nothing whatsoever to stop Her Majesty’s Treasury from being able to issue debt-free and interest-free treasury notes for the well-being, security and happiness of the British people.
The first precedent comes from America.  At the height of the American Civil War, the US Treasury warned President Lincoln that further funding would be needed if the Federal North was to have the resources needed to defeat the Confederate South. The President initially went to the private banks who wanted between 24 and 36 per cent interest.  Lincoln knew that if he agreed to take the loans from the bankers that he would be putting his country into a debt noose that would strangle the economic prosperity out of his country and which would almost be impossible to pay off. 
On the advice of a businessman with proven integrity, Colonel Dick Taylor from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln then made the momentous and lawful decision to print debt-free and interest-free paper money based on nothing more than the honour of the American Government.  Called ‘Greenbacks’ because they were coloured green on one side only, the US Treasury issued 450 million dollars worth of these notes and they were immediately accepted as legal tender by a willing and grateful nation.  The war was eventually won and this very popular new paper currency seemed set to continue.  However, with the assassination of Lincoln just after the end of hostilities, his Greenback legacy sadly died with him as the private bankers managed to ‘persuade’ Congress to revoke this successful initiative in favour of the debt-creating National Banking Act which eventually led to the formation of the privately run Federal Reserve in 1913.  Since then, America’s unlawful debt has risen to over 15 trillion dollars.
The second precedent is much closer to home.  At the outbreak of the First World War, the Bank of England and the private bankers, fearing that people would rush to withdraw their money thus setting in motion a run on the banks, went to see Lloyd George, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer.  He quickly rushed through the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1914 which allowed His Majesty’s Treasury to immediately start issuing debt-free treasury notes based on the credit worthiness of the country.   Having extended the August 3rd Bank Holiday by a further three days, the banks reopened for business on August 7th with these new treasury notes being immediately accepted as legitimate money by the British people.  The next few months saw some £300 million of these ‘Bradbury’ treasury notes being printed thus effectively averting any possible financial crisis as Britain mobilised for the struggle ahead.
However, the private bankers, realising that these debt-free Bradburys would prevent them from making obscene profits from this terrible war, ‘persuaded’ Lloyd George to agree to phase out the debt-free treasury notes in favour of returning to the more conventional loans from the banks whereby interest would be added.  The result of this ‘about turn’ in favour of the bankers was to see Britain’s National Debt go up from £650 million in 1914 to a staggering £7,500 million in 1919. 
So there we have it!  Our demand is simple and direct. There is absolutely nothing to stop you, David Cameron, and you, George Osborne, from creating a 21st century ‘Bradbury’ Treasury note based upon the wealth, integrity and potential of the British nation - indeed, according to the Office of National Statistics in 2010, our Human Capital alone is estimated at £17.12 trillion!   This one action would immediately restore Britain’s sovereignty, economy and industries not to mention the well-being, security and happiness of the British people.  As regards the Deficit and the National Debt, these will be taken care of by our ancient and tested Common Law – a jury will decide as to their lawfulness and if both were deemed to have been arrived at by unlawful means, then they will be declared null and void. 
The same applies to our membership of the European Union.  If a jury decides that our original membership of the EEC was arrived at by the use of deliberate deception, as many believe it was, then our membership must be declared null and void resulting in immediate withdrawal with no referendum being required.   
In conclusion, may we please remind you again that this is not a letter inviting further debate - it is a demand for immediate remedy and redress.   Failure to comply with this lawful demand to remove the British economy from the clutches of the criminal bankers by restoring our sovereign right to issue our own debt-free money will leave you both open to the charge of treason.  People are now waking up to what is really going on and we have lost patience with the criminality and treason currently being practised by our elected servants in Parliament as they continue to distress our country’s sovereignty and ability to defend itself.
As a lawful demand, and in recognition of Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215, we, the undersigned, will now allow you a period of forty days from the date of this letter to make the necessary arrangements within Her Majesty's Treasury in order to create a new sovereign, debt-free money supply based on the wealth, integrity and potential of our nation to meet the future security, well-being and happiness of the British people.
Iceland has already stood up to the bankers and won - now it's our turn!
Yours sincerely
 + at least 50 names (minimum).

Update: 23rd January 2013: Answering a few questions & queries

1. We have been asked what the procedure will be. The answer is that we will send printed copies to the named recipients (David Cameron & George Osborne), but e-mailed copies to everyone else. The printed list of signatories will be attached to the physical letters (printed), and also as textual attachments to the e-mail copies. Our reasoning is simple. As you can read from the letter above, the nub, the kernel, is that "inaction on their part" can be considered to be, is actually DEFINED TO BE,  "treason under the British Constitution". And it really doesn't matter who (or what) tells them this. (They should actually know this, anyway!). So ... it's the MESSAGE  ... not the MESSENGER(s)!. And, if 'they' don't like that, then it's just too bad. ('They' need to get a life, in our view).

2. We have decided that there needs to be a cut-off in the collection of Signatories (so that we can actually send the letters!), and we are targeting that to be about the first - or maybe second - week in February, 2013.

3. It is proposed to post the currently-collected list below (at suitable intervals). Those who have come forward can then see that their Name has been included. They are listed in the order in which they were received.

4. Obviously Signatories must either be born in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, or be permanently resident therein as British Nationals ... in short ... those who are eligible to participate in our Democracy.

5. Excepts for the Magna Carta 1215, which is THE Founding Document of the British Constitution, can be read by clicking here. A printout of the full text of that document is given as an Appendix to Veronica's book Freedom Is More Than Just A Seven-Letter Word. (Google can be used to obtain a free PDF of the pre-published version)

Update: 31st January, 2013: Covering Writ of Mandamus

6. We have decided to utilise a Common Law construct, called a Writ of Mandamus - AS WELL AS THE LETTER - AS IT STANDS. The Writ becomes a 'Cover Page', and refers to the Letter. It COMMANDs them to obey the Letter, telling them very clearly why they should. A copy (.doc) of the Writ is here. The 'cut-off' for collecting names will be the 10th February, and the Writ will be dated for the 11th. The whole thing will then be posted and released immediately.

(Please note: We already have our minimum target of 50, but the more the merrier!)

(The biggest "Thank you" possible to all these amazing People!)

Latest Update: 11.40pm, 12th February, 2013 <<< FINAL LIST (129 Sovereign Signatories)

Individual Peaceful Inhabitant (as commonly called) of the Family/Clan/Tribe
Veronica: Chapman
Kate: Coburn
Sheila: Coburn
Stuart: Hill
Wayne: Bowett
Lee:               Wild
Edward: Boyce
Deborah: Williams
Janet: Mcloughlin
Glenn: Mcloughlin
Patrick   Rattigan
Michael-Sidney: Watson
Michael   Doherty
Guy: Taylor
Linda: Taylor
Alan: Turk
Tim: Ollerenshaw
Darren-James: Green
Danny: Hammell
Barry: Turner
Ricky: Smith
Wayne-Lee: Rigden
Tony: Duckmanton
Angela: Osborne
Joel: Shepherd
Ian: Moore
David: McCann
Emma: Waites
Yvonne: Taylor (Clan Stewart/Stuart)
Marcus: Perry
Mike: Taylor
Laurence-William: Dalligan
John-Winston-Palmer: Lloyd
Alan: Mitchell
John: Montague
Tony: Chenster
Rick: Leslie
Gavan: Kearney
Andrea: Dutton L'voe
Gary: Dutton L'voe
Debbie: Wingfield
Rod: Bridger
Charles: Blay
Ian: Rossiter
Robert: Marshall
Thomas: Robb
Phil: Bowen
Shaun: Clough
Chris: Powis
Drew: Cam
Shaun: (Clan unspecified)
Pat: McCarthy
Brian: Montague
Charlie: Mcloughlin
Kimberley: Rice
Tafarah: Griffiths
Roger: Gough
Martin: Tiplady
Justin: Walker
Brian: Gerrish
Sheena: Williams
Peter: Lucas
Peter: Parker
Allan: Kelly
Julie: O'Brien
Jane: Long
Simon: Elder
Paul: Woods
Paul: Smallwood
Joe: Smallwood
John: Knight
Chris: French
Martin: Chambers
Douglas-Albert: Laybourne
Margaret: Wade
Chris: Wintle
George: Wescott
Tracy-Lynn: Wildy
Sonia: Merchant
Sarah: Ledsom
Carole: Kennedy
Mark: Smith
Stuart: Foxwell
Sue: Rowlands
Mark: Cocking
Kevin: Edwards
Michelle: Goldberg
Linda: Joy
Leonard: Lawrence
Malcolm: Treacher
Dave: Knight
Jane: Russell
Angie: Elder
Melanie: Eggleton
Sophie: Bird
Nick: Green
Penelope: Pullen
Cathryn: Birchall
Carl: Birchall
Brian: Satter
Marilyn: Satter
Danny: Bamping
David: Sandas
David: Taylor
Bernadette: Urmston
Rachael: Urmston
Ian: Downs
John: Ambrose
Gary: Cropper
Christopher: Jones
Si: Johnson
Barry: Rhodes
Stuart: Speak
Keith-James: Williamson
Richard: Lee
Edward: Charlton
Gillian: Kelly
David: Grundy
Belinda: McKenzie
Stuart: Hopkins
Jason: Ward
Paul: Laker
Sachiel: Knight
Patrick: Power
John: Dee
Paul: Walker
Adam: Oliver
Chris: Masters
Christopher: Payling