The Man and the Legal Fiction

Dave explains what happened to him when he decided to be A Man, and to stand on that, against efforts to turn him into a Legal Fiction for the purposes of prosecuting him in the Legal World

Eventually the CPS had to discontinue the case.

This was originally a "Speeding offence" that Dave deliberately 'escalated' into a "failure to supply information on the Driver".

There is more to this story. Although the CPS told Dave he wasn't - eventually - going to be prosecuted ... Dave still went along to the Court on the 9th October 2012 ('coz you can't believe ANYTHING that say!). He went for a 10:00am Hearing (not the "12 noon" time specified by the Court). The 10:00am Hearing WAS STILL LISTED! They would have 'done him' at 10:00am, if he hadn't turned up ... EVEN THOUGH THE CPS HAD ALREADY TOLD HIM THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO PROSECUTE.

I wish Dave had covered this last bit.

Perhaps he will, in another video.

Anyway ... this is quite a lot to be going on with.

Right at the end he explains a letter he sent, to the Court, telling them "he wasn't a slave".  Dave is fairly well convinced that it was that statement ... that caused them to finally jettison the case.

The Courts are sub-franchises of THE UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION ... which (as we know) is aka The City of London ... AND IS A FOREIGN ENTITY to "England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland", the Nations we all live in.

When you walk into a Magistrates or County Court, you are walking into an Embassy of a FOREIGN NATION.

Dave has ascertained that Policymen have NO JURISDICTION in Magistrates or County Courts ... which is a logical consequence of the fact that they are Foreign Embassies. The jurisdiction, in such a Court, belongs to the Security Guards. (and, let's face it, THEY CERTAINLY BEHAVE THAT WAY)

Veronica, October 2012.