Fixed Penalty Notices for Parking Fines, etc

This technique has been used to stalemate a Parking Fine.

IT ONLY WORKS FOR PRIVATE CONVEYANCES. It will not work for Company Cars ... because the final result will be that they will send the demand to the Company (who will roll over & play dead, and pay up ... probably taking the fine out of your salary). (Of course, there's nothing to stop you TRYING!)

Here is the first letter to send when the demand is received

Here is a sample of the subsequent letter to send (after they have responded in their normal robotic fashion)

Subsequent responses are basically repeats of the above, always enclosing the Affidavit and pointing out that it hasn't been signed, and that completion will only occur once it has been signed.

In the unlikely event that a signed Affidavit is received, then this provides the evidence of "attempting to pervert the course of justice" - which is necessary to initiate a Private Criminal Prosecution.

Veronica, September 2012.